How to pay the loan in installments available options


Non-bank loans are available on the market, which are distinguished by a simplified lending procedure. Unlike banks, loan companies require a minimum of formalities that you can do without leaving your home. In addition, the offers are tailored to the needs of customers, which is why there is a lot of freedom in choosing the loan amount, repayment period, as well as how to withdraw money. What options can you use?

What to look for before submitting an application?

What to look for before submitting an application?

The availability of many offers means that the borrower may have trouble choosing the best one. First of all, before signing the loan agreement you should carefully examine the details of each loan. This includes the interest rate and APRC, which affect the total cost of repayment. Convenient tools for determining credit parameters are available on the lenders’ websites, where you can use the sliders to set the loan amount and the number of installments, immediately obtaining the loan repayment calculations. That’s not all, because the method of paying the loan in installments is also important. In many cases this is a problematic issue, especially for people who do not have a bank account.

Ways to get an installment loan

Ways to get an installment loan

Due to technological development and ubiquitous Internet access, most loan companies have completely moved their activities to the network. This is a significant facilitation for customers, as all formalities can be completed online using a device with internet access. Such a solution also shortens the time of receiving a non-bank loan , as loan applications can be submitted even around the clock and they are reviewed on a regular basis. Cash is also transferred to a bank account, which is why after the transaction is completed, it can be immediately disposed of. However, a transfer to an account is a problematic issue for many customers, because not everyone has a personal bank account or can use it freely. Such borrowers can take advantage of the option of withdrawing money at the post office or at the outlet of any postal bank.

Transfer to account – rules for granting loans

Among borrowers, installments completely online are the most popular. The entire lending process takes place over the internet, so keep in mind that a bank account is not just needed to withdraw money. It is also about verifying your identity through electronic banking. You can go it in two ways:

  • Verification transfer – after completing and sending the application, you must pay a fee of PLN 0.01 transferred from your bank account. The transfer cannot be made from the account registered to other data than those provided in the application.

  • The Kontomatik service is a modern way that involves logging into electronic banking to confirm your identity. In this case, also the data from the application must match the data of the bank account owner.

What if the account is shared with your spouse, you do not have funds available for the transfer or you do not have access to electronic banking? It remains possible to take a loan without a bank account , which you can carry out as simply as a loan online.

Loans to collect at the post office

Loans to collect at the post office

Not only restrictions on access to a bank account are the reason why customers decide to collect loans at the post office . Some of them simply do not want to have a recorded transaction with a non-bank company, have a bill taken by a bailiff or prefer traditional forms of cash withdrawal. Loans without a bank account do not differ much from those granted online, as a loan application must be completed and submitted online. The payment, however, is based on the bank check, with which you must personally report to the post office to receive money in your hand.

Loans by bank check

Loans by bank check

This form of loan disbursement is nothing new, because before full digitization, it was in this way that non-bank loans were made available. The bank check is a service that involves personal identity verification and cash withdrawal. To use such a service, you do not need to have a bank account or make a single penny transfer. Loans with the bank check consist in submitting the application online, and after its positive consideration, the lender sends the information needed for payment. They are forwarded via e-mail and SMS, so you need an active phone number and access to email.

Receipt of loans at the post office – step by step

The entire bank checkout procedure is not complicated and anyone can handle it. To take advantage of this form of loan, just follow these simple steps:

  • Submit an application for a non-bank loan via the website, indicating that the payment has been carried out using the bank check.

  • After the application has been approved, the information required for withdrawal will be sent to you via e-mail and text.

  • Take your ID card and bank check to the nearest post office or post office.

  • Identity verification and cash withdrawal are based on information provided by the lender and by ID card.

Subsequent installments of the loan by check bank are traditionally paid into the lender’s account as in the case of online loans.

Benefits of the bank check loan

For some people, it may be embarrassing to appear in person after picking up a loan at the post office . However, this solution has many benefits. First of all, in many cases, the bank check may reduce the time it takes to receive money, as cash transfers are not dependent on interbank sessions. In addition, loans to be collected at the post office do not require waiting for the verification transfer to be credited and are available to everyone. Such offers may be used by persons who are not able to have their own bank account or do not trust electronic transactions.